Healing Consultation

With a private consultation, you can expect to solve all kinds of problems and deep-seeded issues. Some issues may need a few consultations before they are resolved. After your first consultation, you could experience a great shift in vibration and feel a greater sense of alignment with your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. The purpose of a ThetaHealing® consultation is to identify and shift the subconscious programs or memories that are causing problems and are blocking you from living the life you want to live.

During a ThetaHealing® session, you will discuss your situation with Ronelle. She will connect to Source energy through the Theta brainwave and command instant healing. It is possible to release old beliefs and replace them with new thought patterns.

To inquire about a healing consultation please contact us here.

Remote Healing

Ronelle is able to give remote distance healings by being in a deep meditative state and establishing a long-distance connection with you. We are all made from the same energy, this is how she is able to perform remote healings. These healings are much like using a Wi-Fi signal. Source Energy is omnipresent, we just need the right password to access it.

Any and everyone can benefit from remote distance healings. It is just as effective as an ‘in-person’ healing. For a remote healing to work, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with Ronelle, be active on a connecting platform such as Skype and relax in the comfort of your own home. Just like a private, in-person session, people will experience a range of different effects after the healing is complete.